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Summer in Athens #1 – Ohio State Fiddling Contest

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During the Parade of the Hills in Nelsonville, Stuart’s Opera House held the Ohio State Fiddling Contest. The contest has to be one of my favorite assignments of the summer, so I thought I would good to open my summer posts with.

I arrived at Stuart’s with my friend Zach Nelson and we wandered around back instead of going in the front, where we stumbled upon the practice room in the basement where young fiddlers were getting ready to perform. Each contestant performed two songs, a hoe-down and a waltz, usually with the help of another person playing rhythm guitar. Overall, it was an exciting experience since I don’t get to see fiddling very often, and everyone who performed was really talented and incredibly nice when they were hanging around in the back room offstage. I’ve learned to really enjoy string instruments in the past few years, and the energy that usually comes with fiddling makes it, for me at least, one of the most interesting instruments to see and hear played.


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@Alex K. Stein

@Alex K. Stein

@Alex K. Stein

@Alex K. Stein

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@Alex K. Stein


Written by Alex K. Stein

August 30, 2010 at 6:21 pm

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