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Memorial, Police week and a new project.

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Lt. Anthony Fish, Athens Police, speaks to a crowd of Athens County officers, media and those who have relatives that serve and protect May 11, 2011, during a memorial preceeding National Police Week.

This week was National Police Week, following National Peace Officers’ Day on May 15. Last week, I covered a memorial in honor of fallen officers in Athens County. It was interesting seeing a more sensitive side of those who serve and protect, which I don’t see very often because of the nature of their job, especially in Athens, Ohio. The keynote speaker, Rev. Dave Cogar, talked about how a little bit of appreciation goes a long way. This sentiment was repeated by Athens Police Lt. Anthony Fish, who encouraged all those in attendance to give a simple thank you to the next person in uniform that you see.

I’ve also decided to try to come up with a project a week. These projects might be picture layouts or stories like this one, something just written (but I’ll probably still have a photo), a photo and a story, a slideshow, some audio, a video or anything else I might be working on. My hopes is that doing this will keep me pushing myself to be even better and inspire others to do work that makes them happy. As Sol Neelan said, “Own what you shoot.”

Read more about the event at The Post


Ode to the photo Gods

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I took a short roadtrip out to Snowville Creamery with Sir Zachary Nelson for a portrait of Victoria Taylor, who owns the creamery with her husband.

After wondering around for about five minutes and going to the wrong building, we found the entrance and met Victoria. We quickly found a huge window at the end of a hallway that looked over the fields and decided it was money to shoot the portrait there. As we were setting up the lights, we talked about how it would be sweet if there were cows in the field (there were not) and joked about photoshopping them into the photos. As we finished setting up the flashes, the cows that were outside the building we went to first came walking down the path right outside the window.

I ran down the short hallway, told Victoria that there were cows and we wanted take the photo before they walked too far way. She kindly moved quickly back to the window and we got it done in about 10 minutes. Zach and I then prayed to the Photogods on the way home. Story by Jessie Cadle here.

Written by Alex K. Stein

April 11, 2011 at 6:51 pm

MAC Champions

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I took a road trip with Post writers Noah Meyers and Matt Wagner to Toledo so we could document the Women’s championship game for the MAC tournament. The girls got over their shaky record from the season and shut out every team they played during the tournament, including Northern Illinois in the finals. It was the best volleyball I’ve watched in a long time.

Click here to read the story, written by Matt Wagner. Next stop: NCAA. Here’s some pictures.

Thanks for looking

Written by Alex K. Stein

November 22, 2010 at 9:38 pm

Summer in Athens #4 – Wanderings

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A decent amount of my photography from the summer is of my friends or stuff I shot for myself. I like carrying my camera everywhere and taking pictures of anything interesting. I do it a lot, but sometimes I feel like it’s not appropriate or I don’t feel inspired enough to carry my camera; it usually doesn’t bother me but from time to time something will happen and I find myself without a camera. Point-in-case, don’t put down your camera unless you’re 1. sleeping, 2. charging your batteries or 3. uploading pictures.


Written by Alex K. Stein

September 3, 2010 at 5:30 pm